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Animals of the month: May 2012

Five Humboldt penguin chicks

Five Humboldt penguin chick (© Getty Images/Mike Aguilera)
  • Five Humboldt penguin chick (© Getty Images/Mike Aguilera)
  • Aldabra Giant Tortoise and a Golden Coin turtle (© Getty Images/Mike Keating)
  • Donna, a two-year-old elephant (© Getty Images/Adrian Dennis)
  • Asian Macaque monkey preens a companion (© Getty Images/MARK RALSTON)
  • Hatched cygnets walk beside the waters edge (© Getty Images/Matt Cardy)
  • Siberian tiger cub feeds at a private zoo (© Reuters/Stringer)
  • Sleepy red panda bear (© Getty Images/MARK RALSTON)
  • Twelve-day-old jaguar cub (© REUTERS/Ken Bohn)
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Five Humboldt penguin chicks seem to pose perfectly for a picture at SeaWorld San Diego on May 17 in San Diego.

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