Anders Behring Breivik(AP Images)

Nine years in the making with more than 1500 pages, Norwegian mass-killer Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto details his intentions and thoughts on the shooting tragedy which has so far claimed 93 lives, painting a mind-boggling picture of the Christian right-wing fundamentalist.

The manifesto, published online and coming into widespread scrutiny since the attack on 22 July, detailed steps Breivik - peacetime Europe's worst mass killer - took in preparation of the attack on 22 July.

The tragedy was designed to bring about the revolution that he says is needed to end a 'centuries-long Muslim colonisation of Europe'.

The plan started taking form in April 2011, when the 32-year-old rented a farm. His company "Breivik Geofarm" was then registered as an agricultural entity with the intention to grow beets, allowing him to use the company as a cover to obtain large amounts of artificial fertilisers and other chemicals legally and without suspicion.

Breivik had planned to use the materials to make bombs.

The video games enthusiast - he counts playing popular multi-player game World of Warcraft among his pet activities on his now-defunct Facebook profile page - also tried synthesizing acetylsalicylic acid from aspirin.

After making use of all the materials at his disposal, he tested the bomb at an isolated location to ensure that both compounds in the bomb had been detonated, escaping after the initial blast to prevent suspicions.

Inside his manifesto, Breivik writes that he initially intended to use hollow-point bullets but replaced them later with soft-point bullets, with the intention of 'inflicting maximum damage to vermin'. Hospital sources said the bullets he used were dum-dum bullets, designed to cause maximum internal damage through disinagration inside the body.

After he was arrested by police, Breivik confessed to the mass killings but did not accept criminal responsibility as he saw "nothing reprehensive" in his actions. Despite debates on whether he had an accomplice, he has so far been adamant that he acted alone.

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